Electric Pasta Maker – What you need to know?

Would you like to prepare a delicious pasta at home, but you think it’s too hard? With electric pasta maker, you can quickly and easily prepare homemade pasta and dough for lasagna and ravioli dough, chebureks, dumplings and others.

Electric pasta maker will save your time and effort to prepare a delicious meal for the whole family.

Electric Pasta Maker

It is a pasta maker, which not take up much space, and is easy to clean. With electric pasta maker, you can easily roll out the dough and cut it into wide and narrow strips.

The electric pasta maker consists of a shaft for rolling dough and two threaded mechanisms for narrow and wide pasta. It blocks removable threaded shafts and it is convenient to clean. Simply you can wipe your pasta maker with a dry cloth and remove the remnants of flour and dough.

All parts are made of high-quality stainless steel with chromium coating, which ensures its long service life and easy maintenance. The electric pasta maker usually weights 2.5 kg, but it is compact and does not take up much space when stored.

How to make pasta using best electric pasta maker

With the roll out the dough piece to the desired thickness of the mechanism. Roll out the dough is fed to the rollers and the rotating side handles to miss its passed through the blades and cut to the desired length and width.

The thickness of the dough between the rollers is adjustable distance. After preparing the pasta you will be able to dry and use or immediately and cook, if necessary.

The strips of pasta obtained the same width, length, and thickness, and cooked dishes are not only delicious but also look beautiful and appetizing. Manually using a rolling pin to get this quality is much more complicated, so pasta maker could become indispensable for your kitchen.

Smart Pasta Maker

Key recommendations at the first operation:

  1. First of all, a new pasta maker needs to wipe with a dry cloth.
  2. Then pass through a roller test piece several times.
  3. Then you can start preparing pasta.

Errors in cutting

  • If the dough is too soft, it will be bad cut. It is necessary to pass it several times over the smooth rollers, add flour in it.
  • If the dough gets too dry, add a little water and passed through smooth rollers.

Note that:

  • Scrapers smooth rollers need to be cleaned as often as possible, make it a kitchen paper.
  • Do not wash the unit in a dishwasher or under the tap.
  • Details need to be cleaned with a wooden spatula or brush.
  • To clean the inside of the machine is necessary to remove the plastic protectors.


  • Usually pasta width from 2 and 6 mm.
  • The roller of maker width: 15 cm.
  • Removable handle and clamp.
  • Weight: 2.5kg.
  • Has adjustment: for rolling dough thickness to the width of the pasta.
  • Material: Stainless steel, covered with chrome-nickel alloy.

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