Everything you need to know about life in a commercial kitchen

Anyone who’s ever worked in food preparation will tell you it’s a harsh environment, whether you’re prepping, cooking or clearing up. In a restaurant, when you’ve ordered whatever takes your fancy, there’s a whole team involved in making sure you leave a satisfied customer.

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If you can’t stand the heat

Even small catering establishments go through hundreds of pounds of meat, fish and vegetables every day, to feed their customers. There’s not always a lot of room in a kitchen, which is why they have to be carefully managed and have a place for everything.

Most restaurants plan out their kitchen thoroughly to ensure it works, with clever storage, refrigeration units and state-of-the-art cooking stations.

Restaurateurs will have done their research and taken advice on which commercial fridges work best to keep those expensive ingredients in prime condition. They may use a company such as https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/, which has a wide variety of options to suit any space and budget.

The day starts early, with chefs going through that day’s deliveries of fresh food and checking them for quality and quantity. They then start to prep ingredients, get the ovens on and go through the menu, so that everything is in place when service begins. Kitchen staff will walk miles during the day, making regular trips between cool rooms and fridges and ovens, grills, stoves and steamers.

As service begins, the temperature in a commercial kitchen rises, as the pace quickens and waiters call for orders. There’s little time to stop and think, as the tickets keep coming.
In an article about young chefs published by The Guardian, one says: “You can’t imagine how crazy the kitchen is when you first arrive and how many things you have to do”.

Clearing down

Once the service is over, there’s no rest for the kitchen staff, who have to clean and wipe down surfaces and clean the floors with detergent. They then have to dry all the surfaces down and make sure those surfaces are gleaming before they can down tools for the day.

Harsh environment

A commercial kitchen can be terrifying. The hours are very long, there’s lots of shouting and the atmosphere is pretty brutal. However, many chefs love being part of a brigade where everyone knows their place and what their role is.

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