Grab some ‘you’ time

Staying healthy takes some effort. It requires a commitment to yourself which can be very difficult if you’re a busy working man or woman with family commitments and not enough hours in the day. Try not to be tempted by the fads of the New Year as these are notoriously prone to frustration and failure. Staying healthy needs to be a gradual shift of mind-set where time needs to be set aside for your mind and body. Here are some tips taken from doctors about what they do when they want the best for their well-being.

Time-out seems to be one of the most important factors and also one of the hardest to instigate for a wide variety of reasons. As soon as you feel an illness coming on then going to bed and sleeping for at least nine hours is advisable but often not really possible if you have children and work. Another tip which is a bit more doable is to lie on the floor with your legs elevated against a wall and deep breathe for a good five minutes. This helps to reduce stress and stress is known to weaken immune systems. If you really want to combat illness, then dealing with your stress levels is the key to this.

Getting some leisure time is also very important to your health. Having a hectic schedule can mean that you never really relax but finding a balance will prove invaluable in your overall well-being. Making time can be tough but try to reserve a few hours for relaxing by doing something that you love in order to re-energize and focus on you.

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Eating well will improve your immune system and give you more energy which will give you a whole new positive outlook on life. They will also help you to feel full for longer which might prevent you from snacking on high sugar foods when you feel your energy levels dropping. If you really are too busy to guarantee eating properly then you might consider a supplement. If you’re feeling unusually fatigued then you could be suffering from an iron deficiency so Liquid Iron Supplements might provide the pick up that you need. Find Liquid Iron Supplement from

Get plenty of sleep and you’ll feel the difference almost straight away. In this digital era it’s too easy to take our devices to bed with us and to be scrolling through social media or checking our emails right up to the point before close our eyes. You need to leave the devices downstairs and make your bedroom almost spa like. Dim the lights, turn off the TV, meditate, have a foot rub and play some quiet gentle music. You need to have a period of winding down before sleeping or you run the risk of going to bed still too wound up and staring at the ceiling.

Exercise really does release the ‘feel good’ hormones and you’ll find the hardest part is getting started. Afterwards you’ll feel great both mentally and physically. Don’t forget to exercise your brain as well as this is a muscle that needs exercising just as much as any other. Staying sharp can be an effective tool against Alzheimer’s and doctors do recommend playing word games.

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