Tips for keeping hardwood flooring warm in winter

Hardwood and laminate floors are blissfully cool in summer, but what about keeping the floor warm in winter? Here are some tips to make sure your beautiful flooring is also cosy to live with.

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Use rugs as insulation

The great thing about rugs is their versatility. In summer, when it is coolness you want, you can roll the rug up and store it away; in winter, out come the rugs to insulate the ground floor rooms in particular from the cooler air in the void under the house or flat.

The other great thing about rugs is that you can use them to complement the type of laminate flooring you have; for example, if you have a rustic-looking textured laminate, you may want to have a rough weave rug. If your look is modern, a rug with a sophisticated up-to-date design can really pull the room together while making it look and feel warmer.

Have winter curtains

Many people like the stripped-back look of a laminate floor from a supplier such as and some like light curtains or blinds in the summer; however, at the same time as they put down rugs for the winter, they change their curtains. Thicker curtains, particularly if they are lined with insulating fabric, can make a huge difference to how warm a room is. This is the case even if you have double glazing.

Always open the curtains when the sun is shining, however, as the sun can really raise the temperature in a room.

Use soft lighting

It is amazing how much warmer a room seems if it has soft lighting rather than harsh white light. This is only a matter of changing lightbulbs; therefore, take a look at the alternatives, such as diffused light.

Air the house at set times

You obviously need fresh air in the house to let out water vapour caused by condensation and breathing. One way to control the temperature of the house is to air the house at a set time during the day for a given period. The temperature in the house will fall; however, once you close any windows or doors you have opened, you can heat the house again without opening doors or windows randomly at different times, which really does allow a lot of heat to escape.

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